YOURLS version 1.7.1 is available. Please update!

Report Abuse

Though has automated spam checks in place (such as SURBL), sometimes spammers may still be able to use URLs in their spam. This has nothing to do with, and we have no way to prevent this.

If you feel that any short URL is posted to support abusive purposes such as spam, you can report the URL as abusive using the form below. Just enter the last part of the short URL (i.e. the part after the slash '/'), add your comments and a contact address.

The offending URL will be disabled automatically.

Please be advised: Your report will be visible to visitors of the shortlink (reason to disable) but your contact details will remain confidential. We will only use your contact details if exchange of additional information is required.

However, if you mention the word 'Phishing' in the 'reason to disable' field, we will redirect visitors of the offending page to the Antiphishing education page.